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About Us
Day One to Now

The founder of our company used to be a small retail entrepreneur. We launched as Best Underwear Line in 2005. With start of manufacturing our own brands, company refined its identity to We were determined to make a complete wholesale with expert lingerie specialists. We now have compiled a vast collections including our own Youmita and Intimate Basic.

Style for everybody and anybody

The two brands which compliments each other : Youmita and Intimate Basic. These bring the best of the comfort and style. Bamboo cotton, multi-layer nylon layers to create seamless styles and one foam technology are few examples. We focused in bringing new and trending styles with our innovated comfort all the time.

Incredible comfort with one foam and mold

Our bra only uses single foam to create a soft comfortable cup. We carve and use precise cuts to create each and individual cup. We use one mold to connect these two cups for more control. We believe all youmita should come with comfort that meets our expectations. On top of these bras, we hand pick the fabrics that matches perfectly with our designs.

Better fabric, Better durability

We use multi-layer nylon for more smooth comfortable fabric.  This helps our T-shirt bras to be shown less.  Seamless which are more durable and yet less irritating than other fabrics such as polyester.  It’s more durable and elastic which is very ideal to make it your everyday wear.  These efforts allow our bralettes, bandeau, and other active tops to have option of removable pads without disturbing your natural shape.

Run, walk and jump with youmita style

Our motivation was to create something that looks so good, that you'll want to work out or wear them every day. Let it be yoga or cross-fit training, you will find supportive wear for any activities. Some are so trendy, they even come with a push up pad. We always give enough coverage and control to keep your comfort. Style will complement the comfort with every single step. Don't play alone, play with youmita.

Experience will improve our future

We always set our bars high with every production. We accommodate our expectations with experiences throughout the year. We always strive to be unique and desirable. We now have built a foundation with strong partnership with carefully handpicked factories. We now seek out innovative and exclusive ideas which we mold into our collection. Our future holds nothing but originality and imagination. Come and see what you have been missing.