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More personal way of connecting

We are a business to business website.  Creation of an individual account does not grant immediate full access to the website.  Once the account is created, there will be a follow up email.   The email will have information to assist you to full access of the account.  It will ask you to provide a certificate of business.  These documents are also well known as seller’s permit or business license.  Name of the document can vary by the location.  We request a government issued document which states the ownership or rights to resell and redistribute.  If you require a different way to obtain full access, please send us your enquiry to our email or phone number which are listed in our contact(link) page.


Easy shopping and simple checkout

We have compiled our website to have the most fun and efficient shopping experience.  We also have customer service that will assist you every step.  We update you during every stop until your order gets to the location you have directed.  We even keep internal notes that keep all your preference so you don’t have to remind us every single time you need to place the order.


Before and after your shipments

During your check out, there is an estimated shipping cost which is close to what will be the actual shipping cost.  Estimated cost is calculated by the programs which are provided by its actual carrier that you preferred during the checkout.  We will always update you with the actual shipping cost if cost seems exceptionally different from the estimation.


No payments before authorization

When you finalize the order, we do not take any action regarding transfer of funds from your account.  It is a temporary authorization which is an approved transaction that has not yet been posted to your account. The amount of the transaction has been deducted from your available credit.  Normally, a temporary authorization converts into a posted transaction.  It becomes a posted transaction, when we are ready to transfer to the carrier and tracking number becomes available.  We will present you the tracking number through your email as soon as it becomes available.


Only the best

We do not have everything in our collection in our website.  Due to inventory and logistic issues, we gather the best collection we have.  We will continue to bring you more styles. However, the complete  collection from Youmita and Intimate basic are available online.  Please send us a enquiry, if you do not find something specific.  We will gladly assist you.  Please also note, some styles are only exclusive to our website.